Booking a workshop or event

Each year Tim provides choral workshops and guest conducting services for many choirs. If you would like to book Tim please read on and see what he can offer you. He is happy to travel almost anywhere and can either work on voice-related techniques or on set pieces of music, whatever your group would like ... it can be tailor-made for you!

What can Tim offer your group?

Tim's workshops are tailored to the needs of your group. They can be based around his own music, the Accessible Choral Library series, or works by other composers.

Tim has over 25 years' experience of leading English Cathedral visits so it may be that which interests you or, you could combine your workshop with a talk about Tim's life as a chorister at one of the UK's most famous Cathedrals.

Tim is also available to work with composition students on their pieces and also give detailed illustrated lectures. 

For a recent residency in a USA University, Tim wrote a 20-minute choral piece, gave a lecture on English Cathedral music, discussed compositional techniques with students and gave a pre-concert talk prior to the performance of the newly written piece.

Booking a Workshop or Visit

For UK events, there is a set fee and travelling expenses and events can range from all-day workshops, to afternoon workshops and evening perfromances. They can be used as recruitment days or as come and sing events. Previously I have held workshops for Stokesley Choral Society, Durham Choral Society, The National Association of Choirs and many other groups.

For overseas events, there is a requirement for the host venue, or group of venues, to book and pay for return flights. Accomodation can be in a hotel or with guest hosts. If the event includes a commission, or if the choirs have already purchased sets of my music, then the fee is generally waived so long as expenses are covered). If there is no commission then a fee will be negotiated.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tim if you would like to discuss plans. In his own words...... "you will find me very flexible, good fun to work with and together we will make fine music!  Tim Knight"

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