Why Listen to Tim?

Tim Knight is passionate about choral music and the survival of it and has amassed a wealth of experience (some good, some not so good!) in choir management and concert planning through both conducting and directing numerous choirs over the last 25 years.

Tim's mission is to share his knowledge through Choral 'Problem-solving' workshops, which he has been running for over 10 years and a triology of 'Choir and Concert Survival Books' so that others may learn, adapt and apply the value of experience and avoid some of the pitfalls that exist. , all based on the good and bad experiences gained in that time and individually tailored to the issues and challenges that each participating choir has faced. Tim's latest book, 'Seven Steps to More Successful Concerts' has been released to rave reviews and already proved to be a best-seller! 

Tim can offer advice and guidance on all aspects of concert and choir management, including:

Concert planning and repertoire;
Appointing a Musical team;
Choir Recruitment;
Social Media Marketing;
Publicity and Marketing;
After-sales and audience retention;

How much is it and what do you get in return?

The cost is £300.00 for a consultancy period of 6 consecutive months. This can be paid either in full or in instalments via the 'Choir Surgery Consultancy Fee' product page on our website shop page.

In return, Tim will:

  • contact the choir to get an overview of what issues, challenges and problem areas you may be facing; 
  • research your choir background, including your surrounding area and past concert history;
  • thereafter provide detailed feedback outlining potential resolutions and suggested actions;
  • offer himself to your choir in an advisory capacity with unlimited email access during the course of the six months (please adopt a 'fair use' approach);
  • provide a summary of the advice given at the end of the six months.

Here are a couple of reviews from attendees of Tim's previous 'Survival' workshops:

"Once again, thank you for today's workshop. I did appreciate all you had to say, so much common sense really, most of which I have never heard before. The day was very valuable, certainly a help in giving us confidence. There was such a good atmosphere to learn in, which is obviously an aid to progress. You certainly have your feet on the ground."


"Tim's friendly and informal manner puts everyone at their ease, his understanding of choral music and of the problems of singers is sound and we leave his sessions feeling encouraged and better informed."