Composer / Author

As composer Tim’s music ranges from small beginner pieces for woodwind ensembles to large scale choral and orchestral works, it is distributed worldwide by the Highlands based music hub Spartan Press;

By far the largest part of his output is choral music and he has a special interest in music for the smaller choir creating a hugely successful Accessible choral library imprint for these works, also including other composers in the series.

His music has found its way onto exam lists and festival programmes and has won awards from the Royal School of Church music, the British Academy of Songwriters, The Masterworks prize 2006 and other bodies including the Oare String composers competition.

The Piece Elegy for an English Summer was recorded on volume 11 of the Masterworks of a new era CD series and received widespread radio play and for this piece he was nominated in 2014 , 2015 and 2016 Classic FM Hall of Fame
His work has been performed in concert halls, (indeed for the opening of the new concert hall in Lieden Holland ) also at schools and Cathedrals within the UK, Europe and America. He has undertaken a composer in residence visit to Clarke University Dubuque in Iowa for the premiere of his Requiem aeternam and also at the Royal Canadian College of Organists Conference in Prince Edward Island.

Commissions form an important part of his composing life and he has written for choirs, Instrumentalists and individuals, recent pieces have included a Flute and Piano Suite, a Flute choir suite for Sheffield Flute choir a Wedding anthem and a Christmas Carol for the Yorkshire Decibelles

Believing that new music should be available to all he prices commissions at a realistic level and always welcomes enquiries from anyone and anywhere.

Tim’s music is published by Lighthouse music publications in Canada, By Alliance and Cantica Nova in the USA, by Animus, Spartan Press and Tim Knight Music in the UK
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Listen to a selection of of pieces here

Tim invites commissions from anyone and everyone, firmly believing that new music should be in the reach of every choir and orchestra, most commissions start with a discussion and coffee get in touch now to discuss your next piece  email link

Upcoming Premieres and performances 

April 16th - Workshop with Sheffield Flute choir including their newly written piece 'Steel city Shuffle'
June 3rd - Tints of Autumn, New score chamber orchestra Orlando Florida
June 4th - Premiere of commissioned wedding anthem (Ubi Caritas) in Birmingham
June 5th - Evening Hymn and Ave Verum at Worksop Priory
June 25th - Shenendoah and Benedicite Masterworks Concert - Thorner Leeds
July 24th - Premiere of commissioned Anthem ( As truly as God is our father) at St Barnabas Oxford
August 13th - Ubi Caritas with Eldon singers Southwell Minster
September 10th - Benedicite Rotherham Minster - Masterworks Chorale
October - Performances in America of Elegy, Perfromances in Italy of Prayer of st Augustine and Ave Verum
November 2nd - Premiere at Leeds University of 'when I touched your hand'
December 15th - here we come a wassailling - Horsforth Choral Society
December 10th Still Still Still Leeds Male voice choir at Leeds Cathedral
December 10th What sweeter music can we bring - Masterworks Chorale Leeds Cathedral
February 26th - St Mary's Cottingham - Ave Verum - Heritage singers
February 26th -Grimsby Minster - Christ is Our Cornerstone
January - February - Planning for 2017/8 - Winterscape released and first performance in a series of Lunchtime Cathedral recitals, Promotion work on Male Voice Choir Mass
February - delighted to announce the commission of a large scale Organ piece illustrating a trans atlantic boat voyage - the piece when finished will be premiered by Christopher Newton