As Composer and Author, Tim’s music ranges from small beginner pieces for woodwind ensembles to large-scale choral and orchestral works. Tim’s music is published in the UK by Tim Knight Music through the Highlands-based music hub Spartan Press and Animus, and by Lighthouse Music Publications in Canada, Paraclete Press, Alliance and Cantica Nova in the USA. Visit the music shop for those pieces available direct from Tim Knight Music.

By far the largest part of Tim's output is choral music and he has a special interest in music for the smaller choir which has led to the creation of a hugely successful Accessible Choral Library imprint for these works which also includes other composers in the series.

Tim's music has found its way onto exam lists and festival programmes and has won awards from the Royal School of Church Music, the British Academy of Songwriters, The Masterworks Prize 2006 and other bodies including the Oare String Composers' competition.

The piece, "Elegy for an English Summer" which you can hear via the link was recorded on Volume 11 of the "Masterworks of a New Era CD Series" and received widespread radio play and, for this piece, Tim has just been nominated for the fourth time in the Classic FM Hall of Fame - please vote for him here

His work has been performed in concert halls, (indeed, for the opening of the new concert hall in Lieden Holland) schools and Cathedrals within the UK, Europe and America. He has undertaken a "Composer in Residence" visit to Clarke University Dubuque in Iowa for the premiere of his Requiem Aeternam and also at the Royal Canadian College of Organists Conference in Prince Edward Island.

Commissions form an important part of Tim's composing life and he has written for choirs, instrumentalists and individuals. Recent pieces have included a Flute and Piano Suite, a Flute Choir Suite for Sheffield Flute Choir, a Wedding Anthem and a Christmas Carol for the Yorkshire Decibelles.

In 2017, Tim completed a large-scale Tone Poem for Organ, "Atlantic Rhapsody"  which was a commission to illustrate the crossing of the Atlantic in a small boat and will be premiered on 3rd March 2018 at St Bartholomew's Church in Armley. Read more about this exciting event and reserve your free tickets here.

In addition to this premiere performance, Tim is having an excellent composing start to 2018, with 3 pieces being selected for inclusion in the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music and his piece "Prayer of St Columba" being accepted for distribution by Paraclete Press in the USA and a new Woodwind Suite for Forton Music.

Listen to a selection of Tim's pieces here.

Tim invites commissions from anyone and everyone (find out more here), firmly believing that new music should be in the reach of every choir and orchestra. Most commissions start with a discussion and coffee, so get in touch now to discuss your next piece!


As Author, Tim's first 2 books on choir management and concert promotion, "The Survival of your Choir" and "365 Tips to a Successful Choir" were both best-sellers and have received excellent reviews from leading figures in the choral world. 

The latest book, "Seven Steps to More Successful Concerts", is another 'must-have' handbook and reference guide for all musical groups. Here are some of the reviews already received from industry professionals:

“Seven Steps to More Successful Concerts ” by Tim Knight is a fine follow up to his previous “The Survival of Your Choir”. With an estimated 20,000 choirs across the UK the market share of audience for each choir is diminishing. Tim Knight’s book shows how, by applying commercial & social media marketing techniques and strategic planning, it is possible not just to increase audience share and choir revenue, but also to encourage new repertoire and utilize diverse venues to help spread the reach of choral music as public entertainment and education. The great thing is that this is not a theoretical guide but is based on real life tried and tested practical experience. 
Phillip Tolley, British Choirs on the Net ("


"Tim Knight has written a companion which is a 'must have' for every choir. He continually looks beyond the latest trends and thus the result is a book which provides excellent advice. With real examples given in an honest and frank way, he has provided a premium source from which choirs could, and should, easily flourish.
Robert T. Elliott -  Choral Conductor and Adjudicator."


"We've been crying out for a book like this for years! Tim Knight provides an invaluable and much-needed resource for any choir, indeed ideal for anyone preparing an event.
David Goodwin, Banks Music Publications"


"Oodles of great ideas, bucketfuls of common sense, loads of stuff every choir should already be doing - Happy reading!

Manvinder Rattan, John Lewis Partnership Music Society"