Composition Review Service and Mentoring Courses

Our Composition Review and Mentoring Courses are open to any amateur composers and arrangers wishing to develop and improve their approach, technique and style under the guidance of Award-Winning Yorkshire Composer, Tim Knight.

"I really do value your detailed review and your most helpful and constructive comments. As I mentioned in the email that accompanied my composition, it is wonderful to find a service such as yours since, without such impartial comments, it would be difficult for fledging composers to really know the worth of their efforts." feedback received July 2018

Composition Review Service

For a flat fee of £45.00 per submission, you can submit a piece or group of pieces totaling no more than five minutes of music (excluding repeats). In return, you will receive a marked-up copy of your score(s), with detailed analysis and general comments on all aspects of your music: word-setting, melody, harmony, accompaniment, structure, liturgical usage, presentation. Feedback will be affirming and constructively critical. 

Fees for larger submissions can be quoted on request - please enquire by email to

It is a simple and straightforward process to submit your composition, which will be accepted either by post or email:


The standard flat fee payment of £45.00 should be made via the ‘Composition Review Standard Fee’ product page on our website shop. Once the payment has been received, we will send you an invoice and an application form for you to complete and submit with your piece(s).

We will quote for larger pieces on an individual basis.

Submission by Post:

Please send a completed application form and either one legible copy, printed or clearly hand-written on single-sided sheets of A4 (or US letter) size paper; or electronic files on CD in PDF with midi file or Finale or XML format only for the attention of Tim Knight at Tim Knight Music, St Mark’s House, 1 St Mark’s Avenue, Leeds, LS2 9BN.

For UK entries, submissions must include a self-addressed envelope with stamps to the correct value for the weight of the returned submission (according to current Royal Mail regulations). We aim to send back the reviewed submissions within 30 days.

For overseas entries, we will send the completed review back via airmail, and for this a further charge of £5 will be added to the fee. We aim to send back the reviewed submissions within 30 days, but may take a little longer allowing for extra postage time.

Submission by email:

Please email a completed application form with your attached files (in PDF with midi file or Finale or XML format) to Files will be returned, with the reviewer’s comments, by e-mail, usually within 30 days of receipt of both your fee and application form.

Composition Mentoring Courses

Once you have received your submission report back you can repeat the steps above and continue to submit further submissions. 

However, we also offer a course of one-to-one consultations with Tim Knight which are tailored to develop each applicant’s skills and knowledge based on their individual aims and requirements. 


Courses run for a minimum of 6 x 1-hour consultations. There is no defined timetable for when the consultations take place and the content of each consultation will depend entirely on each individual’s requirements and set of circumstances.


Tim runs the courses from his office at St Mark’s House in Leeds, and the course will start when the first payment is received (either in part or in full). However, depending on your location and circumstances, Tim is happy to discuss alternative ways to administer the course, so please contact him at and have a chat about what your options might be.


Each course consists of a block of 6 x 1-hour consultations charged at £40.00 per hour. 

The total cost of £240.00 can be made in full or in 3 instalments of £80.00 via the ‘Composition Mentoring Course Fee’ product page on our website shop. Once the first payment has been received (either in part or in full), we will send you an invoice and Tim will contact you to arrange the first consultation.

If you have any queries about our Composition Review Service and Mentoring Courses, please do not hesitate to get in touch at